Seven Common Misconceptions About the Butt

You sit on it every day (we HOPE!) but you definitely don't know everything about your body's natural cushion. Here are seven misconceptions that prove that the butt works in mysterious ways. 

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1. "The Butt Is All Fat"

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Instead of tickets to the gun show, you should really be offering tickets to the buns show (I know, I know, but stick with me here). Besides a perfectly normal layer of fat, the anatomy of the butt includes the "glutes": the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. These are some of the strongest muscles in your entire body. 

2. "A Strong Booty Doesn't Have Cellulite"

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The Mayo Clinic says that cellulite is the result of fibrous cords pulling your skin down as your fat cells are pushed up. Many people experience this dimpling effect on their thighs and — of course — their buttocks. However, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. According to ABC News, 90% of women get cellulite during some time in their life.That includes women who are perfectly fit. Shira Ein-Dor, who owns the American Cellulite Reduction Center in New York City, told ABC News, "I even treat Victoria's Secret models. They're very lean, they work out and eat well, they do everything right but they still have cellulite." Though exercise might reduce the appearance, cellulite is also genetic. So it's nothing to sweat over! 

3. "A Bigger Butt Is Unhealthy"

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Not necessarily! In 2010 researchers at the University of Oxford suggested that fat in your rear end protects you from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Researchers wrote in the Journal of Obesity, "The protective properties of the lower body fat depot have been confirmed in many studies conducted in subjects with a wide range of age, BMI and co-morbidities." 

If you have fat in other places (particularly your stomach), this might not apply. Still, "If you're going to have fat, you're definitely better off if you've got some fat in the lower body," says Dr. Michael Jensen, Mayo Clinic. 

4. "I Fart Too Much"

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If you ride the subway enough, you'll realize that humans pass gas a LOT. On average, people fart 13-21 times per day. Only 1% of the gas is responsible for that smell, though. So never doubt the power of the few. 

5. "Mooning Is a Modern Prank"

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The first recorded incident of someone being mooned was by Flavius Josephus in 66 AD, where Jewish pilgrims were mooned by a Roman soldier while on their way to a temple in Jerusalem. It sounds funny in concept, but it led to a devastating riot.

6. "The Only Way to Get Your Butt in Shape Is by Doing Squats"

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Squats are a great way to strengthen and tone your rear, but they're not the only way (no matter WHAT my CrossFit trainer says). Sometimes you have an injury, or sometimes you just want a variety in your workout. Some other fun ways to get a firm derriére are:

-Leg lifts 


-Pelvic curls 

-Stair climber 

7. "Humans Don't Have Tails"

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Whether you believe that human life begins at conception or a birth, we all started out as a little tailed creature. The fetus has a tail from the sixth week until the end of its eight week. As the tail disappears, the vertebrae form the coccyx, better known as the tailbone. Though every once in awhile, the vertebrae fail to form correctly and a human is born with a vestigial tail ( Of course, anyone who's seen Shallow Hal already knew that.