Samuel L. Jackson Performs 'Boy Meets World' Beat Poem

Seems like we can't go a morning without waking up to another hilariously viral video courtesy of Jimmy Fallon's new "Tonight Show." 

Last night, Samuel L. Jackson helped out Fallon by delivering a hysterical beat poem about the iconic 90's sitcom, "Boy Meets World." 

He rhythmically nailed every beloved aspect of the show in seemingly flawless chronologically order. 

This made me wonder what other shows could make good beat poems... 

"Saved By The Bell" 

Rescued By The Bell "“ Bell - Belding 
Principal of Bayside High "“ I "“ I 
Wonder why Zack Morris was never expelled by this guy... 

"Family Matters" 

High suspenders & really big glasses 
When he turned into Stephon "“ he could tap all the girls' a**es 
But his affection for Laura always fell flat 
Leaving him to wonder, "Did I Do That?" 

"Step By Step" 

With every step "“ another day goes 
Does anybody remember anything about this show?! 

So, get on it, "Tonight Show" writers! We wanna see more of our nostalgic sitcoms resurrected through awkwardly emphasized stanzas! 

For a look at Samuel L. Jackson's beat poem about "Boy Meets World" "“ check out the video above.
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