Obsessive Girlfriend Makes Her Man Wear Crazy T-Shirt

Meet Leon. He is the young man you see pictured wearing a t-shirt with the words " I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me" printed on it in one photo. He also has an expression which can only be described as an attempt to scream "Help!" using only his eyeballs.

The blonde next to him is Abbie Bartlett. She's a 20-year old woman from the U.K who clearly has an awesome relationship with her long-term boyfriend. You can tell from the t-shirt he's wearing.

Yes, Leon is Abbie's boyfriend and not her hostage, as these photos would lead one to believe. In fact, according to Abbie, their super strong bond of trust is actually the reason she put all that time and effort into making the "I love my girlfriend..." tee in the first place.

You see, Leon was going away on a vacation to Ibiza sans Abbie. Abbie, of course, was totally okay with her guy jetting off to an island of sin and temptation without her. To prove it, Abbie fashioned this shirt ... because get it? She's goofing on the "obsessive, insecure girlfriend" stereotype ... which is the opposite of what Abbie is ... get it ... that's why it's funny. HAHA!

At least that's how Abbie explained her hilarious gag gift on Twitter after people started calling her insane.

The whole thing was a funny joke, she said "” because she and Leon are always playing pranks on one another. Laughter keeps their love alive "” Abbie explained.

Right. Let's just take a look at the telltale signs of overly possessive girlfriend disorder:
  • Leon doesn't look happy in his funny t-shirt. He's making the "uh-oh, she got me good, that loveable rascal" face of mock discontent. But his eyes say, "I'm trapped. I have to play along because she's crazy and will eat me if I retaliate."

  • Not only does Leon not look happy wearing the shirt, he doesn't even look happy in any of the photos Abbie chose to include on it. Presumably, she elected these four photos for being ones in which the couple appears most blissfully in love. So why does Leon seem to be staring longingly into the distance for signs of a brighter future rather than at his paramours face?

  • Speaking of insecurity "” saying something crazy only to immediately laugh it off as a joke is the oldest trick in the book. OPG's especially love it since it allows them to plant a thought in their partner's brain. In this case, that thought being `don't you dare cheat on me or even talk to other girls, Leon,' while at the same time absolving them of any accountability for their controlling nature.
Of course, Abbie would never admit to any of this. "I presented the T-shirt to him and he couldn't believe it. He thinks it's hilarious. I was kind of joking when I said he had to wear it everyday but now I think he actually will, he's keen to take all kinds of crazy pictures with it!" she told ITV News, ""I am not an insecure, crazy girlfriend. It's just a joke. 90% of people think it's hilarious and it's only 10% who seem to lack in a sense of humor and don't understand." 

Sorry Abbie, but we see right through you. I get that it's just a t-shirt, but it speaks volumes about the way you consciously or unconsciously perceive your relationship.

And if anyone wants to call me mean and humorless for my assessment of the situation, be my guest. I was totally kidding about everything I said ...
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