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Gun Stores Are Selling Out Of Bump Stocks After Police Revealed The Las Vegas Shooter Used Them To Modify His Weapons

Where do you stand on gun control?

Gay Men Still Aren't Allowed To Donate Blood, And That's Especially Troubling Following A Tragedy

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This Bar With A Homemade Doormat Can’t Figure Out Why Everyone Is Calling It Racist

A Missouri bar owner doesn't like NFL players protesting, and expressed himself in a very disturbing way.

People Are Pointing Out Something Weird About This Photo Of Prince Harry And Melania Trump

Harry posed next to Melania, but was he also sending a message with this hand?

This Latin Pop Star Is Doing More To Help Hurricane Victims Than Your Government

When Puerto Rico needed help, Mr. Worldwide did not hesitate.

John Oliver Discovered One Word Trump Uses When He Doesn't Understand A Topic

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15 Secrets North Korea Doesn't Want You To Know

North Korea is a really weird place...

This Fake War Photographer Was Able To Fool Media Organizations Around The World

Now, he has everyone looking for him.

Here's How Pope Francis Ended Up With A Black Eye In Colombia

The leader of the Catholic Church is literally unstoppable.

The Alt-Right Is Outraged Because Superman Saved Undocumented Workers From A Racist

The Man Of Steel has a lot of Lex Luthors on the internet.

This Safety Expert Revealed How to Keep Kids Safe in Cars After A Boy Died in A Power Window Tragedy

You might think you’ve taken all the precautions but there are always hidden dangers.

People Are Baffled By Donald Trump's Response To A Terrorist Attack In London

Trump promoted himself in a series of tweets deemed "unhelpful" by Britain.

Here's Why Donald Trump Supporters Are Literally Burning Their MAGA Hats

Some Trump supporters are real mad at the President right now.

Here's The Message Joe Biden Says Students Need To Send To Betsy DeVos

The former Vice President had a few words for the Secretary of Education after her recent announcement.

Here's How The Third Royal Baby Could Completely Change British Succession History

Could we have a Shakespearean scenario on our hands?