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Two Computers Just Had A Conversation And It's As Bizarre As It Is Fascinating

This might be the weirdest thing you’ve seen all day.

These Rare Photos Reveal How Native Americans Lived 100 Years Ago

A forgotten photographer left thousands of photos documenting the lives and culture of Native Americans. They are captivating and solemn.

According To This Judge, Doctors Can Deny Treatment To Women Who've Had Abortions

I'd love to know what Jesus would have to say about all this. Someone get him on the phone!

The FBI Actually Sent MLK A Letter To Try To Convince Him To Kill Himself

The FBI had no love for the great civil rights leader of the 20th century, but it's only now that we know just how much they hated him.

LEGO Just Announced A Major Change In The Future Of Its Toys That's Going To Make The World A Better Place

It's hard to improve on a classic, but LEGO is working to find a way.

30 Million People Lost Their Healthcare And Now 400 Super Rich US Households Will Receive A Giant Tax Cut

It’s a confusing process, so let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

The Real Reason Sasha Obama Was Absent During Her Dad's Presidential Farewell

Twitter was baffled by Sasha's mysterious absence. But the mystery has been solved.

Maybelline Just Introduced Its First Male Campaign Star

Who says long lashes are only for ladies?

These Pictures Are Proof That The Fight For Standing Rock Is Still Not Over, Despite What The Media Says

The pipeline crews are still there and the water protectors are still braving the winter to protect their water.

Congress Says It Wants To Be More Diverse, But This Is The Real Reason It's Not

There's always talks about fixing the diversity problem in Congress. The color they need to be looking it isn't black,white or brown – it's green.

This Badass Woman Is Going To Run From New York To DC To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood

Beginning January 18th, Alison Mariella Désir will run 240 miles to raise money for a cause that she believes in.

This Artist From Berlin Creates T-shirts With All The Racist Comments He's Heard On Them

Some may think that his T-shirts are offensive, but you know what is more offensive? Racism.

These 13 Deadly Substances Are Probably In Your Home Right Now

There's a whole lot that can harm us in this world, and perhaps the most scary things are the ones that we interact with everyday in our own homes.

When This Adorable Pit Bull Was Abandoned Like Trash, The Neighbors Sought Help In A Genius Way

When Boo the pit bull was abandoned on the street, it took a little social media magic and one very special dog lover to get him a new home.

Instead of Tearing Down Old Motels, Los Angeles Is Turning Them Into Apartments For Homeless Veterans

Thanks to Proposition 41, the city of Los Angeles is turning old motels and hospitals into housing for homeless veterans.