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President Trump Has Been Taking Trips To Mar-A-Lago, And They've Already Cost Taxpayers $10 Million

In President Trump's first month in office he's gone to his beautiful Florida palace three times, and it's burning up a lot of cash.

These Powerful Pictures Reveal The Aftermath Of The Olympics In Brazil

This is what happens when the show’s all over.

You Can Help Save Cyclists' Lives By Opening Your Car Door Like The Dutch

It sounds like a weird sex position, but it can actually save lives!

This Is What Would Happen To The US If California Lost Federal Funding

While Trump's threats come in the form of tweets, we must still take them seriously.

This Is Why Donald Trump Shakes Hands In Such A Bizarre Way

Does Trump use handshakes as a way to show who's in charge?

China Is Growing Vertical Forests To Help Combat Pollution

Talk about going green.

How Memes Are Becoming The Political Cartoons Of Our Time

When you know more about making memes than the current political climate...

Border Patrol Agents Discovered 4,000 Pounds Of Weed Disguised As Limes

Those limes are not for making margaritas.

Important Lessons We Can Learn From This Holocaust Museum Poster About The 'Warning Signs Of Fascism'

History doesn't always have to repeat itself.

One Hacker Just Took Down Over 10,000 Shady Websites From The Dark Web

Thanks to a hacker from Anonymous, things just got a lot harder for some of the worst criminals.

This 'Rogue' Twitter Account Is Supposedly Tweeting Insider Information On Trump From The White House

If you've been wondering what Trump is doing behind closed doors, the Rogue POTUS Staff may have answers.

Following Trump's Executive Orders, These Lawyers Dropped Everything To Work For Free

All around the United States, lawyers sat in airports, turned waiting areas into pop-up offices and went to work.

This 19-Year-Old's NSFW Artwork Reveals The Shocking Aftermath Of Sexual Assault

This young lady made an impact on people all around the globe without saying a word and just using her art.

This National Park Is Defying Trump's Gag Order By Posting Tweets About Climate Change

After the Trump Administration halted the National Park Service's Twitter account, a South Dakota national park fought back with tweets on climate change.

People Are Practicing Beer Yoga, Because Why Not?

Namaste for another round.