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DiGiorno Pizza Totally Scorched Papa John's On Twitter

It's a really tragic thing whenever pizza gets burned this badly.

The American Dream Isn't Dead, According To 1 In 5 Americans

Ours is to eat a hamburger in all 50 states, but to each his own.

Here's How Millennials May Actually Benefit From Trump's Tax Plan

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The Most Interesting Revelations From The JFK Assassination Files

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An Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding Crashing Goes Horribly Wrong. Here's Her Side of the Story

"My name is Shelby McDowell, and I am known as the 'Wedding Crasher.'” Great way to open the story, Shelby.

After 65 Years, Take A Look Inside This Sunken American WWII Ship

Scientists found this sunken ship in remarkably good condition!

People Are Obsessed With This Ridiculous Theory That Melania Trump Uses A Body Double

Twitter thought Melania used a decoy. Were they right?

Gun Stores Are Selling Out Of Bump Stocks After Police Revealed The Las Vegas Shooter Used Them To Modify His Weapons

Where do you stand on gun control?

Gay Men Still Aren't Allowed To Donate Blood, And That's Especially Troubling Following A Tragedy

The FDA have really pissed off the LGBTA community after Las Vegas.

This Bar With A Homemade Doormat Can't Figure Out Why Everyone Is Calling It Racist

A Missouri bar owner doesn't like NFL players protesting, and expressed himself in a very disturbing way.

People Are Pointing Out Something Weird About This Photo Of Prince Harry And Melania Trump

Harry posed next to Melania, but was he also sending a message with this hand?

This Latin Pop Star Is Doing More To Help Hurricane Victims Than Your Government

When Puerto Rico needed help, Mr. Worldwide did not hesitate.