Missouri Woman Finds Out Her Home Was A Murder Chamber

Catrina McGhaw was content in her new home in St. Louis, Missouri. Her rent was reasonable, the house was in good condition, and there was plenty of space for when her family would come to visit. Of course, that was all before she found out that the basement of her home had once been used as a murder chamber for serial killer Maury Travis. 

McGhaw was just hanging out when a friend called her and told her to watch a show on serial killers. She did, saw that her house was owned by a sadistic killer, and then had to sleep another night in the same house "” with the same basement, table, and pole in the basement where Travis tied up his victims. But it gets worse. 

The terrified and rightfully angry tenant learned that her landlord, Sandra Travis, was the mother of the serial killer who is believed to have killed between 12 to 20 women. McGhaw asked to break the lease she had just signed earlier this year in March, saying she wouldn't have signed in the first place if she'd known about the home's eerie history. 

Travis argued that she disclosed her son's murderous past before the lease was signed, but as News 4 Investigates pointed out, "she would have remembered the people being murdered in the basement part." 

While Missouri doesn't require by law that landlords disclose suicides and murders that took place on the property they're selling, it seems only decent and reasonable that they would anyway. Fortunately, the St. Louis Housing Authority was able to convince Travis to break the lease, and McGhaw will be moving out at the end of July. 

Talk about a real-life horror story. Maury Travis hanged himself in prison in 2002, so it's not like there would ever be the possibility of him breaking in, but still, women were tortured and murdered in that basement. I mean, the guy recorded videos of some of his crimes. You can see exactly where he was standing, proudly proclaiming he'd killed his first victim in this ABC News | ABC Sports News">video. 

McGhaw didn't say anything about believing she lived among ghosts, but I think it's safe to assume she feels haunted by the reminders of what happened inside her home. It'd be incredibly hard NOT to think about what went on in that basement. Like, think about how paranoid you'd be every time you went downstairs. Is that blood? Are those rope marks on the wooden pole? Are those scratch marks on the floor?! Yeah, not about to deal with that. 

Let this be a lesson to us all. Ask your landlord your most paranoid questions before signing a lease to avoid any truly shocking discoveries. 
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