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McDonalds Employee Fired For Buying Firefighters Meals

Heather Levia is a 23 year old mother of twin girls. She was working two jobs to help pay for nursing school.
Employee Fired
One job was at a McDonald's, where she chose to buy a team of firefighters their meal. She was grateful for the job they had done but was terminated because she "opened a whole bee’s nest." This was after McDonald's headquarters refused to treat them to a meal.
The official reason she was fired was for swearing at a manager. She claims she said "This is freaking ridiculous" and the comment wasn't directed at anybody.
Complaints to Headquarters
After Levia picked up the tab firefighters called McDonald's headquarters to complain. They feel she was forced to pay out of pocket. Instead she was paying out of the kindness of her heart.
Firefighters Were Gracious
After a morning where firefighters were unable to save a man's home from destruction, they now feel partly responsible for getting a kind soul fired.
McDonalds Employee Fired
Luckily Levia has been offered two jobs in the community since. Hopefully they pay her more and she gets the respect she deserves.

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