Man Sets His House on Fire While Trying to Kill a Spider

In that-could-have-easily-been-avoided news, some dunce in Seattle, WA, burned down half of the home he rented with his mother when he encountered a spider and decided that the best way to destroy it would be using a blowtorch.
The already bad idea was made even worse by the fact that he didn't have an actual blowtorch, but thought he could replicate the effect of one by taking a lighter to a stream of spray paint aimed at the web-dweller.
Now, I would assume that an unlit stream of spray paint by itself would kill a spider just fine, but I guess this man wasn't going to feel safe or certain of the spider's complete annihilation without throwing a little fire into the mix. I mean, there's a certain sense of peace that you only experience after burning your victim's body, amiright?
But the pyro's home-made blow torch recipe failed to be the brilliant life hack he hoped it would, producing less of a blowtorch and more of a fiery explosion. So, instead of finding peace, the guy started a major house fire from his laundry room that took an entire team of firefighters to extinguish and caused $60,000 worth of damage to the home.
Now, I'm no arachnology expert, but the Seattle area isn't exactly known to have any spiders large or deadly enough to warrant the use of an open flame inside one's home. If this story took place in Central America, it might be slightly more understandable "“ though still not really. But according to numerous sources on Washington's spider population, the Hobo and Black Widow spiders are the only two venomous species in the state "“ and neither is poisonous enough to cause much more harm than would a wasp sting.
According to Seattle Fire Department spokesperson, Kyle Moore, the spider did most likely die in the blaze. So in that sense...the man's mission was a great success? But why he felt taking a flame to some spray paint was the way to go has not yet been explained.
"There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire. Fire is not the method to use to kill a spider." That's a real quote from spokesperson Moore, who "“ having clearly lost all faith in the people of his city "“ actually felt it a necessary point to make. 

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