Latest Banksy: A Tribute To Government Spying

Are you a fan of rogue graffiti artists who constantly find new ways to artistically satirize the government and politics in general? 

Then you must be a fan of the British bad-boy of street art, Banksy. 

The UK legend's latest piece is a phone booth surrounded by a few trench-coated officials listening in on whoever's making a call "“ an obvious nod to the recent government phone-tapping stories dominating headlines recently. 

Passersby and local residents were pleased to see a `Banksy' in their small town of Cheltenham "“ many of whom saw it as a perfect Instagram photo op. 

Personally, I've been a fan of Banksy's work for years, but it's always so heavy-handed. 

Why can't the brilliant Banksy take a break from all these political pieces and show some artistic outrage for lesser things? 

Things like… 

Why can't there be a Banksy wall piece depicting his rage surrounding the Sopranos finale. It'd probably be a rustic bust of Tony Soprano, with x's for eyes and a scribbled caption reading, "We Stopped Believing" below it. 

Or, how about some nice alley art about the "conscious uncoupling" of Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow? That could be something along the lines of Paltrow's chunky character from "Shallow Hal" sitting on a newly-broken piano, subsequently crushing a crying Chris Martin. 

To be honest, I'd even settle for a lazily sprayed, "Banksy Wuz Here" on the side of Taco Bell at this point. 

Just no more politics, please. 

Save that sh*t for the Daily Show.

For a look at the newest Banksy piece on display in Cheltenham "“ check out the video above.