Is This the World's Most Expensive 4 Bedroom Home?

Advertisement Over 60,000 Square feet of pure luxury and Truly the quintessential 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'. 4 beds, 6 full baths and 6 half baths! That's 12 toilets for 4 bedrooms! This video was filmed just after the home was built. The guest house has as many bedrooms as the main house (four) and can be seen on the right side of the shot at14:22

Built by one of the best Builders in Florida, Sebastian Smallegange of Turtle Beach Construction so if you win the mega millions you now know who to go to to build your dream home. If you're a real estate agent in Florida, we can film and photograph your listings from $150 (and that's for both!). Just go to and set up your online account. Thanks for Subscribing!


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