Hoverboard Hoax Is Sad News For Back to the Future Fans

Remember hoverboards? That awesome Sci-Fi technology from the 1989 film, Back to the Future II? You all wanted one, right? 

We've all been disappointed with the future's lack of the self-drying jackets, flying cars, and attractive female police officers depicted in the film. Sure, Nike has announced that they will be releasing a working version of the self-lacing sneakers that Marty McFly, the lead character played by Michael J. Fox, wears in the film, but what the public really wants is a hoverboard.

Considering that the future events shown in Back to the Future II take place in the year 2015, fans of the movie have been hoping that there's still time for the hoverboard to become a reality. 

A video appeared online recently that suggested we might finally be getting our wish.

The video presented itself as a promotional commercial for a new company called HOVr Tech "“ a company that had finally invented a real, working hoverboard.

The commercial featured Christopher Lloyd, who played Doctor Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future films, presenting the new hoverboard to a group of celebrities.

Tony Hawk, Moby, and other celebrities strapped on the hoverboard, and in an instant were effortlessly hovering through the air just like in the movie.

The video presented this as revolutionary new technology, and the celebrities testified that it really worked. There was even a companion video that feature actor Billy Zane, who also appeared in the Back to the Future franchise, explaining the science behind the boards.

Plenty were skeptical about these videos, but it looked like we might finally have had a real working version of the toy that every kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s wanted.

Well, it looks like the skeptics were correct. It was discovered today that the entire thing was a huge viral campaign staged by popular comedy site, Funny Or Die.

Nobody is exactly sure what the purpose of the campaign was at this point, but the hoax was exposed when a costume designer made a blog post about working on the shoot.

This isn't surprising at all for some, but for others it's a crushing blow to the tender skull of their inner child. 

I mean, come on Funny Or Die. How could you pull the rug out from under us like this? I've waited 25 years"”I mean...WE'VE waited 25 years...

Not cool, Funny Or Die. We choose Die.
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