Hipster Dude Covers Slayer's "Raining Blood" On Banjo

Rob Scallon isn't your typical hipster. Instead of appropriating rap songs and playing them on the ukulele, he decided that the most metal thing ever would be to cover Slayer's "Raining Blood" on the banjo. Dressed in overalls and a straw hat, he took his strumming to what looks like an abandoned barn to give you the cover you never knew, and maybe will never know, you wanted.

Although the days of nerdy girls in wide-rimmed glasses quietly singing "Bitches Ain't Shit" on tiny instruments are probably not gone, this new trend of playing "hardcore" songs on bluegrass instruments will likely stick around for a little while. I'm not sure other communities are super amused by white people focusing on other white people music, but they might be relieved they don't have to hear white people singing about growing up in the projects and facing daily threats of discrimination and violence for a short period of time. And this guy didn't even twerk once! Yay for short-lived ironic progress!

So, enjoy this trend while it lasts, because I doubt it will last for very long. In the meantime, think about all of the metal-heads hating on hipsters for ruining one of their songs. Ah, it's sweeter than an organic, Stevia-seeped vanilla latte. 
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