Guff Review: 'Hidden'


It's been 301 days since seven-year-old Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind), along with her parents Ray (Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd) and Claire (Andrea Riseborough), escaped to the underground bunker they now call home. They have successfully hidden from menacing, mysterious creatures called "Breathers" for some time, but they've discovered a rat thief who's been stealing their food. Now, they must contemplate venturing to the surface. 

Through flashbacks, we see that they were once an average family living in a quaint, suburban town called Kingsville, until one day, the residents of their town were urged to evacuate as soon as possible. A dangerous virus had gone airborne, and the government wasted no time sending bombs down to destroy their homes, so Zoe and her family retreated into a shelter under the local school. 

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Skarsgård, Lind and Riseborough, Primal Pictures

Hidden is an interesting take on the zombie genre. Though it spends too much time focused on the details of the family's life in the bunker, the second half of the movie is well-paced and the direction of the story becomes quite intriguing. There isn't enough of a "Breather" presence at first; it almost makes you think the threat is overblown and/or all together made up, but once it becomes clear that the danger is real, the film picks up in a big way.

Every acting performance is great; Lind particularly stands out and holds her own next to Riseborough (known for her performances in Birdman and Oblivion) and that tree trunk of a hunk from True Blood, SkarsgÃ¥rd. Riseborough is commanding as the somewhat overbearing, rule-making mom, and SkarsgÃ¥rd charms in the fun dad role.

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Matt and Ross Duffer of Wayward Pines write and direct, as The Duffer Brothers. The film's gritty brownness is effective, but it's not too dark, and its hushed, perpetually anxious tone does much to contribute to the spookiness of the story.

While not a traditional zombie flick, it has its moments and will satisfy both the suspense/thriller and straight horror fans. If you're looking for something a little different, "fear will find you" in Hidden.

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