George Zimmerman's Parents VS. Roseanne

It was announced back in March that Robert and Gladys Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's parents, are filing a lawsuit against Roseanne Barr because she tweeted out their home address back in 2012 "“ forcing them to move. Apparently they weren't too receptive of having an angry lynch mob knocking down their door at all hours of the day.

Because moving is expensive, the Zimmermans want the comedienne to cover their relocation costs and throw in some extra cash for emotional distress caused by the ordeal.

To be exact, TMZ reports that they're demanding $600,000 for having to feel all kinds of bad feelings, $22,800 for rent, $6,900 in hotel costs, and $7,700 in laundromat expenses.

Well, this week the comedienne filed her counterpoints. Yes, she tweeted the couple's address, but Roseanne says she deleted it seconds later"”not much of an argument considering that's plenty of time for a Tweet, especially a celebrity Tweet, to be seen by millions. 

However, seeing as how this is one of those rare cases in which Roseanne is the less publically-hated party involved in a controversy, I don't think any of her supporters should worry. There are a couple other factors that'll probably get her off the hook.

Firstly, Rosanne attests that their address could have been easily found by anyone who cared to run a Google search on the couple. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that's true"”if not a simple Google search, then one of those people-finding-background-checking sites that anyone can access for 20 bucks or so.

But here's their clinching argument. By the time this all went down, and the Zimmermans had an angry mob paying daily visits to their residence, Robert and Gladys had voluntarily stepped into a `public figure' role by writing and releasing a book about the trial. Boom! Case closed.

Or at least I think it should be"”and not for any reason related to the George Zimmerman case. His parents shouldn't be blamed for what he did, and it sucks that an elderly couple had to go through some super stressful stuff in the twilight of their lives. If they had requested their privacy from day one, had never spoken to the media, and had never penned and promoted a freaking book...I'd be on their side 100 percent. But they did write a book. They did publicity for it to try and sell more copies. They voluntarily made themselves public figures and deliberately attracted public interest to themselves. It was a pretty stupid thing to do, but they did it regardless, and blaming Roseanne is absurd. Roseanne isn't that influential and we all know it.

Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman: that angry mob would have been at your door with or without her Tweet. You pretty much invited them over.
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