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Funny Road Signs

Popo potty
I wish I had a store with one of these signs! I would put up the most ridiculous things every day just for fun. Clearly this person was rather crafty themselves. That is such a great business tool.
You've been vandalized and the ninjas cannot be held back from entering. They are too fast and stealth for you to catch, so take your sign and get over your rules.
Cruise Ships
This "Cruise Ships use Airport Exit" sign has since been replaced with "EMBARCADERO - Maritime Museum and Cruise Ship Terminal" which is not half as fun. Can't we have some fun in life? Even if it's not intentional, just let us have it.
The sign said it was okay
Hey officer, I'm just following the directions on your freaking sign. Out of the choices I would like to go with number 2 because I think I already feel a hangover coming on and I could use the IV fluids.
No farting
You know fire season is at it's all time high when farting becomes an issue. How fun was this guy's job today? Only in Canada can they joke about things like this. In America the person would probably be fired and put on trial for scaring people about farting causing post traumatic stress.
Thank you sign, thank you for warning me. I've been sitting here looking at the sign and noticed that the edges are actually rounded so it seems like it wouldn't be sharp... I just want to touch it!!!!!!!! *Goes off Bridge* Maybe the other part of the sign should stand out more.
Running late
Thanks asshat, I hope you are enjoying your job today; I'm probably going to lose mine for showing up late again. Not sure why you think that is funny but if I ever see you I'm going to make you pay for laughing at me.
Pigeons are evil monsters. They're everywhere and they have no fear. They are nasty flying rats that should all be killed. I think if you feed them someone should cut your fingers off. Would you feed a rat??

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