Epically Hilarious YouTube Comments

Bored Singing Alicia Keys
This is why you should always keep yourself occupied...
Perhaps, you should use your free time to learn how to spell. I'm sure Alicia Keys would appreciate it.
When singing 'Fallin' results in an epic DERP face.
Schrodinger's Cat
Some people just LOOK like their area of expertise. That's why people always say I look like failure.
For someone so intelligent, you'd have thought he'd be able to figure out how to use a hairbrush. 

Wrecking Ball
I hope she contracted a healthy case of hepatitis from licking that.
I'd love to see her do this with a unpredictable nail gun.
Bike Concept
It's like riding a bike without all that pesky comfort!
Now when you fly over the handlebars, you're locked in for even MORE pain on impact!
Lose friends INSTANTLY with this bike!
Rappin' Granny
Wait. Don't ALL women f*rt during sex? No?! My gaseous girlfriend has got some stinky explaining to do...
Her rapping apparently keeps all the dentists at bay...
Her rap name is MC Dependz.
Drunk Girl At Ulta
A burn that David Caruso would be proud of...
She didn't get a STD, but she got a good amount of splinters on her cooter.
It was the best Arbor Day ever!!!
MacGyver Theme
I listen to this while...
- staring angrily at a Rubix cube
- trying to build a bong out of household materials
- writing my MacGruber fan fiction

How I Do My Hair
I would say her hair looks like a rat's nest, but I wouldn't want to compliment her.
How to style your hair for a job interview at Hot Topic.
Since leaving this comment, FlipIt has since been promoted at the farm and has invented a type of bacon made completely out of split ends. It's delicious! 
The Village
Neviusprime is right - they're a 'ZOINKS' away from being a full-on Scooby-Doo episode.
Know what else we shouldn't "speak of"? This sh*tty movie.

Professional Smoker
He shouldn't have eaten all those rings Sonic left over. They're giving him gas...and smoke.
He's making an obstacle course for his pet fly.
I prevent seeing the souls of my Cheerios by giving them a proper burial "at sea." (if you know what I mean...*FLUSH*)

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