Drivers Fool Cops in Hilarious Street Racing Prank!

What happens when you drive 15 mph but blast a street racing track out of your speakers? Well, apparently you'll fool a bunch of cops and pedestrians into thinking you're actually going to plow people down in a high-speed race. While I wouldn't suggest trying this prank out, it's still super entertaining to watch. 

The cops were genuinely surprised that they pulled someone over for blaring racing sounds. I get that the noise would be alarming and would make you suspicious, but don't you think the cops would be able to see just how slowly the guys were going? I guess checking the old sped-o-meter is a little too much to ask of a cop when he's busy checking out the hot flag girl. 

In the end, the racers really did get the last laugh as they sent the cops home with nothing but a cop-block. Nice work, team. 
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