Courteney Cox: Why 'Friends' Reunion Is 'Not Gonna Happen'

"Let me tell you something.  There's 6 friends and I've been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years... it hasn't happened," commented Courteney Cox while on Letterman Monday. 

If they can't even get together for dinner, what hope do we have for a `Friends' reunion?  Letterman asked Cox just that to which she candidly answered, "It's not gonna happen."

Good!  Don't get us wrong, we're fans of the show, but reunions only ruin things.  It's like fantasizing about your high school crush all through your 20s and then finally seeing them at your high school reunion.  Years of thinking about it and setting the bar so high for someone/something will likely end in a big, fat disappointment (figuratively and literally).    

The only reunion to do it right was `Seinfeld,' and that's only because it was in the world of Larry David's `Curb Your Enthusiasm.' 

Let it go, `Friends' fans and let your memories of that show remain a beautiful thing.  Save the disappointment for your next high school reunion.
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