Crazy Russian Exposes Cola As The Tar-Like Goo It Really Is

Here's a video that's sure to inform and entertain! It comes to us courtesy of the "Crazy Russian Hacker,"-- a funny dude with a heavy accent and a Youtube channel devoted to helpful life hack videos-- and reveals what Coke is actually made of by boiling it down. A Crazy Russian Hacker might not sound like the authority on scientific matters, but this experiment is legit and the results are disgusting! It turns out that Cola is nothing more than a thick, black paste almost identical to road tar once the carbonated water evaporates. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic! Nearly 50 percent of Americans say they drink soda every day, which I thought was bad enough...but now it turns out that what they're really doing on a daily basis is eating spoonfuls of dense, sugary sludge! Care to rethink your drink order, anyone? 
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