Boy Lost In NYC, Says It Was His Best Day Ever

It looks like it's all downhill from here for Chris Villavicencio, who after only nine years on Earth, has already lived out "the greatest day" of his life.

The day that young Chris speaks so highly took place just last week, while he, his folks and his younger sister voyaged from their home in New Jersey to enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York City for an afternoon.

Kids love visiting Manhattan with all its bright lights and colorful characters"”but for Chris, the day was just sort of "meh" until his family decided to check out the Central Park Zoo. It was there that fate smiled upon him, setting in motion a series of events that separated Chris from his family"”leaving him free to explore on his own.

While most children would instantaneously bawl their eyes out if lost and alone in an unfamiliar concrete jungle, Chris was all like, "finally," and headed for Times Square.

For two solid hours, the fearless youngster did his thing all over mid-town Manhattan, making no effort to locate his parental units. It's good to hear that the parents spent those same two hours frantically searching for their missing son though. 

Eventually, Chris's walkabout brought him to the Port Authority"”where he was lucky enough to be spotted by police officers instead of getting dismembered by a crazy person.

After being reunited with his parents back at the precinct, Chris issued an official evaluation of the experience as the best thing to ever happen to him. But it wasn't the New York skyline that Chris was so moved by or the city's one-of-a-kind energy and limitless possibilities. It wasn't even the two hours of unbridled freedom from Mom and Dad that had Chris so amped. It was ... the cop shop. "This was the greatest day of my life because this was the first day I was at the police station!" he told reporters.

We'll see if Chris still feels this way the day he loses his virginity. It might be a decade or so away, but don't worry, little guy"”believe it or not there are things even better than an NYC police station. 
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