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10+ Hidden Symbols In Famous Logos

You've been looking at these famous corporate logos your entire life, but did you ever notice the subliminal messages hidden in them?

This 'Game of Thrones' Star Revealed How Being Tied Up On Set Got A Little Too Real

We know it's tough to watch all the torture scenes "Game of Thrones" dishes out. So just imagine how hard it is to make them.

Fans Are Freaking Out That Marvel May Have It First Openly Gay Character

A new rumor about the upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok" is exciting fans who care about inclusivity in the franchise.

Here's What Ed Sheeran Thinks Happened To His Character On 'Game Of Thrones'

We'll probably never know for sure what happened to that unnamed Lannister soldier, but Ed Sheeran's theory is in line with what most viewers wanted.

David Bowie And Iman's Daughter Is All Grown Up, And She's Breathtakingly Stunning

Though she lives a largely private life, Lexi Jones has gained some notice on social media.

This Artist Built A Full-Size Parthenon At A Historic Nazi Book-Burning Site Using Banned Literature

Argentine avant-garde artist Marta Minujin's latest work's message is found in its location, its form, and in the very materials used to construct it.

There's A New Biggest Dinosaur, And It's 10 Times Larger Than A T. Rex

Scientists have discovered a whole new dinosaur, and not only is it remarkably well-preserved, but it's also enormous. Just like your mom.