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Robots Are Here To Replace Baristas, Because The Future Is Now

Taking over the world, one latte at a time.

These Powerful Pictures Reveal The Aftermath Of The Olympics In Brazil

This is what happens when the show’s all over.

Scientists Discovered Evidence That THC Removes Toxic Alzheimer's Protein From The Brain

This is good news for all you stoners out there.

China Is Growing Vertical Forests To Help Combat Pollution

Talk about going green.

Mother Nature Transformed This Soviet-Era Dumping Ground Of Empty Vodka And Beer Bottles Into A Beautiful Glass Beach

She really worked her magic on this Russian beach.

13 Fascinating Facts About Iceland That Are Hard To Believe

This little Scandinavian country is a pretty peculiar place!

People On The Internet Are Struggling Trying To Solve This Math Question Question Given To First Graders

And they said we’d need to know this stuff as adults...

This Is How Darth Vader's Armor Has Changed Through The Years

If one thing’s for certain, he’s gotta be sweating under all of that armor...

After A Mosque Was Burned To The Ground, Americans Across The Country Raised Over $850,000 To Help Rebuild It

This story is just proof that good people do exist in the world.

These Corporations Prove You Can Be Successful And Also Pay Your Employees A Living Wage

It’s hard out there for a minimum-wage worker...but does it have to be?

People Are Outraged After A Teacher Assigned Homework Telling Girls How To Act On Dates

What year is it again…?

Two Computers Just Had A Conversation And It's As Bizarre As It Is Fascinating

This might be the weirdest thing you’ve seen all day.

People Are Boycotting 'A Dog's Purpose' After Footage Surfaced Of A Terrified German Shepherd Being Forced Into Rushing Water

Dog lovers, this will probably anger you.

30 Million People Lost Their Healthcare And Now 400 Super Rich US Households Will Receive A Giant Tax Cut

It’s a confusing process, so let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

This Old Church Is Being Rented As A Dream House, But There's One Creepy Catch

You might find that it’s dead quiet when you move in here...