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Japan's "Nara Dreamland" Tried To Copy Disneyland, But Instead Turned Into An Abandoned And Terrifying Wasteland

But you'd still want to ride that rollercoaster, right? Well, ya can't.

This Mom Discovered That Her Daughter's 'Unusual Hair' Is Actually A Rare Genetic Syndrome

Honestly, it's really cool.

Disney Employees Reveal The Secrets The Park Doesn't Want You To Know

Those people did what, where?

This 138-Year-Old Pair of Levi's Jeans Proves People Used To Care About Quality

It was pretty cool when stuff wasn't falling apart all the time.

Extreme Horse Breeding Leaves Animals Looking Like Cartoons, Warn Vets

Some breeding practices go too far.

It's Basically Impossible To Be Afraid Of Lucas, The Most Adorable Spider Ever

Alright, we admit it. He's actually super cute.

Powerful Photos Reveal What Heavily Tattooed People Look Like When They Don't Cover Up

Excuse us while we head over to the nearest tattoo parlor.

'American Horror Story' Characters That Were Actually Based On Real People

We could have gone our whole lives without knowing these were true stories.

Neuroscientists Discovered A Song That Reduces Anxiety

And it's not too good to be true.

This Gadget Turns Your Android Phone Into A Gameboy For $50

We would like to take this moment to say: take my money.

This Is What Kind Of Friend You'll Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gosh, Susan, you're such an Aquarius.

Catherine Zeta Jones' Daughter Is Growing Up To Be Her Doppleganger

We're seeing double.

10+ Times People Were Hilariously Deceived By The Universe

These are all the things you thought were true, but are not.

These Bubble Hotels Are The Coolest New Way To See The Northern Lights

We'd like to bubble hotel ourselves across the world, please.

Strict Japanese School Rules Americans Would Never Tolerate

And you thought you hated school.