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From 'American Pie' to 'Sharknado.'

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We'll take the dog and the boyfriend, please.

Bagged Milk And Other Things That Canadians Do That Are Astoundingly Canadian

We'll give it to them, bunnyhugs seem nice.

15 Of The Weirdest Mascots You Won't Believe Exist


These Little Girls' Playhouse Is Nicer Than Your Own Home

Um, how much is rent and when can I move in?

15 Artists Who Openly Hated Their Own Songs

We're pretty tired of Wonderwall, too.

14 Reasons Why McDonald's From Other Countries Are Cooler Than Ours

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Brutally Honest Comics That Reveal What Happens When You Get Too Comfortable In A Relationship

Does every couple do this?

This German Runner Is Being Called The Hottest Athlete In The World

I guess I'll go running now.

Chinning Is The Latest Instagram Pose And It's Fighting Back Against Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Come chin with us.

Here's Why 'High School Musical 4' Might Actually Become A Reality

"HSM4" is happening, but not how you think.

15 Thoughts I Had When Trying The Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappucino

We took to Starbucks to sample the latest thing on the secret menu, and were overwhelmed by the flavor.

Hilary Duff Showed Off Her ‘Flaws’ In A Bathing Suit Photo To Empower Moms And Girls

Hilary Duff takes to social media to show off her bikini bod and empower other women to feel comfortable doing the same.

The Secret To Fixing A Wet Phone That’s Even Better Than Rice

You always heard that rice is the one thing that can save your phone. Well, think again - this unexpected drying agent works much better.

This Artist Makes The Most Beautiful And Delicious Cakes You've Ever Seen In Your Life

Warning. This post will probably make you go buy cake.