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These Rare Photos Reveal How Native Americans Lived 100 Years Ago

A forgotten photographer left thousands of photos documenting the lives and culture of Native Americans. They are captivating and solemn.

The FBI Actually Sent MLK A Letter To Try To Convince Him To Kill Himself

The FBI had no love for the great civil rights leader of the 20th century, but it's only now that we know just how much they hated him.

Sorry, Android Users, But It Looks Like The Headphone Jack Is Going Away

HTC's new phones have awesome specs, but it's missing one that's leaving people up in arms. And this might be the future for all Android phones.

Something Major Is About To Happen In Antarctica, And Its Effects Will Be Disastrous

Glaciers are breaking off and sinking at a faster pace in the north. Unfortunately, everything is bigger, and more dangerous for us, in Antarctica.

Congress Says It Wants To Be More Diverse, But This Is The Real Reason It's Not

There's always talks about fixing the diversity problem in Congress. The color they need to be looking it isn't black,white or brown – it's green.

This Desert City Looks Normal From Overhead, But If You Zoom In...

There's a city in Iraq that appears to have buildings and streets from above. If you get on the ground floor, you'll notice it's not a city after all...

This Photographer Re-Created Photos He Took 30 Years Ago, And It's Surreal

An amateur photographer took photos of locals in the '80s. Then he reached out to them decades later and recreates shots that are both new and nostalgic.

There's An Underground Kingdom In A Cave In Vietnam That Nobody's Ever Heard Of

What one local Vietnamese man found in the 90s turned out to be the entrance to a massive cave. No one realized he'd stumbled into the world's largest.

This Comedian Perfectly Shut Down The Cop Who Heckled Him After His Joke About Police Violence

A comedian took on sensitive material like the police, and a cop talked back to him. That was the worst choice that cop ever made in his life.

Say Goodbye To Pirating: Illegal Downloading Is Coming To An End Very Soon

The time has come for the end of Australian internet piracy. Here's how the government is doing it, and the consequences it'll bring for everyone.

This Ancient Lost City Was Discovered Underground

Greece is home to famous ruins and thousands-old cities. But out in the backwaters there's still some more to be found.

The Cast For The New 'DuckTales' Show Has Been Announced And It's Amazing

Life Is like a hurricane once again now that Disney is bringing back DuckTales to TV next year. And the new cast making these new tales is pretty awesome.

This Classical Composer Made An Epic Comeback In 2016, Selling More CDs Than Beyonce

Pop stars and rappers dominate radios and devices but one genius Austrian just made an unlikely musical comeback. Especially since he's six feet under.

A Student At Columbia University Discovered Secret Neo-Nazi Documents Disguised As A Fake Book

Most secret books in libraries start awesome and interesting adventures. This one at Columbia University brought something dark and fascist instead.

Only A Small Percentage Of People Can Solve This Suicide Pact Puzzle

There's an old macabre problem where you need to know where to stand in a circle of people or you end up dead. It's tough, but there's a way to solve it.