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If Your Cat Ever Does These Things, They're Trying To Tell You Something Very Important

Cats pretty much rule the home they live in, so it's about time we learned what all of their quirky mannerisms really mean.

This Is What's Been Revealed About Season 2 Of 'Stranger Things'

'Stranger Things' has viewers hooked, and these season 2 spoilers are sure to have fans anticipating its return!

These Artists' Attempts To Illustrate Depression Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Depression can take on many forms, and these images from various artists reveal how depression affects people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This is Why You Should NEVER Eat Any Snow

A study has revealed that eating snow is straight-up gross and harmful to your health, so it's smart to pass on that freshly-packed snow cone.

These Parents Brought Their Daughter's Stuffed Animal To Life For Christmas, And It's Amazing

This little girl wanted her stuffed animal to come to life for Christmas and Santa most definitely delivered.

This Guy Offered To Drive Anyone 'Offended By Christmas' To The Airport And It Instantly Blew Up In His Face

What happens when someone becomes ridiculously defensive about Christmas on Twitter? The world plays along — in the most hilarious way possible.

Here's Why People Are Tying Scarves Around Trees This Winter

If you see a scarf tied around a tree, it isn't there by mistake. One Facebook group is giving back to those who need it the most.

When This Guy Bought A Desk For $150 On Craigslist, He Never Expected What He Found Inside

What this Connecticut rabbi finds in a desk he buys off Craigslist — and what he does with it — is shocking!

This Woman Came Up With The Perfect Holiday Response For Her Homophobic Neighbor

Want to know how to put a homophobic neighbor in their place this holiday season? This lady had the perfect, most sassy solution.

11 Times Exes Completely Disrespected People

When it comes to breaking up, a little sass never hurt anybody (but sometimes it stings a little).

WARNING: You Should Definitely Not Survive On 3 Apples A Day

This 18-year-old French girl ate three apples a day for eight months to succeed in the modeling industry.

Scientists Discovered A Two-Headed Shark, And Now You'll Never Want To Go Swimming Again

A two-headed shark species has surfaced in the Mediterranean...and it's all of our worst sci-fi thriller fears realized.

This Man Killed A Spider And Made His Problem Infinitely Worse

Spiders terrify most, and this video a man captured of a spider he killed giving life to a more sinister creature is what nightmares are made of.