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How Do We Punish North Korea? By Embarrassing Kim Jong-un

North Korea is a country that has nothing, which makes punishing them nearly impossible since they also have nothing to lose.

How Russia is Downplaying the Ruble Crisis

How is the news of Putin's blunders and imminent economic dire straights being brought to the Russian people? The answer is simple: It's not!

Is It Possible to Be Addicted to Meat?

Eating meat is pleasurable not only because it tastes good, it also makes people feel good in the same way that coffee does.

Coming to Terms With the Tragic Loss of The Colbert Report

My entire generation grew up watching Stephen Colbert play the conservative, egocentric pundit""and we're better off for it.

How Facebook Plans to Reduce Online Embarrassment

The good people at Facebook have noticed that folks seem to regularly""yet unintentionally""act a fool on social media

If You Want to Save the Rainforest, Here's What Not to Do

Paul brought attention to a cause he was passionate about alright, but that turned out to be his own fifteen minutes of fame.

No, Women Don't Need Paid Time Off During Their Periods

Paid periods would do nothing more than put women in the spotlight as the weaker gender and as less profitable employees.

Since When is Making Rap Music an Admission of Guilt?

Tiny Doo's lyrics are no different from those of thousands of other rappers.

Teen Twins Rob 84-Year-Old Sugar Daddy. Why He Had it Coming

In this particular case, gramps wasn't your average kindly old man, living off his retirement fund and minding his own business.

Mexico Asks Kids to Give Up Toy Guns. Should We Do the Same?

The U.S is unique in that it is a place where gun violence has now officially become a serious problem among fiscally stable sectors of the population.

Why Friendsgiving is Hands Down Better Than Thanksgiving

You already know all the people in your family, but Friendsgivings are always a surprise grab bag of characters.

What Pizza Hut's New Commercial Says About Our Self Confidence

Putting ourselves down has officially become a beloved cultural pastime.

Why the War On Pick-Up Artists is Hurting Women

By aggressively pitting the masses against Julien Blanc, the media is fueling misogyny in the hearts of those predisposed to it.

The Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages

For one disappointed groom the connection he shared with his bride wasn't enough to make up for the lack of attraction.

'Ebola Nurse' Hates Her Nickname But Let's Keep Using It

Her own attention-seeking ways and irresponsible behavior are what earned the Ebola nurse the title she's now trying to shake.