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Hospital Owes $190 Mil to Women Secretly Filmed by OB-GYN

The Johns Hopkins Medical Center will compensate the pervy doctor's many victims.

Woman Who Shot Lover Over Bad Sex Granted $10K Bond

This is the harshest way to tell someone they need to step up their game in the bedroom.

David Lynch Releases Women's Sportswear For Charity

The director's new venture is so conventional…it's weirding me out. Touché, Lynch!

New Zealand Man Sets World Record With Homer Simpson Tattoos

That's certainly one way to honor your favorite TV show.

Cat Poop Could Possibly Cure Cancer, Scientists Say

Having conquered YouTube, cats move on to advancing modern medicine.

Some U.S. Cities Are Ruling It Illegal to Be Homeless

Lawmakers tell vagabonds: Get a home, or else!

Man Stole 200 Pairs Of Underwear From Victoria's Secret

Warning: This man is still at large.

Family Planning Center Sued for Not Hiring a Pro-Life Nurse

Nurse thinks she should have gotten the job AND been allowed to do it on her own terms.


Man Sends Wife Spreadsheet With Her Excuses For No Sex

This sounds like a SUPER mature relationship.

Want To Be Popular? Science Says Binge Drinking Might Help

Did we really need a team of researchers to tell us alcohol is a social lubricant?

The KKK Thought Free Candy Would Help Bring in New Recruits

Ku Klux Klan members in South Carolina hoped goodie bags would sell people on white power.


You Can Now Eat Toast With Your Best Selfie On It

Toasted Selfies — the face of a generation.

Toothless Man 'Gums' Roommate Who Wouldn't Clean His Ear

His mugshot has not been released, but I'm sure it looked something like this.


Man Sets His House on Fire While Trying to Kill a Spider

Killing spiders is bad luck? That's just superstition...Unless you're using a blowtorch.