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Teens Set Themselves on Fire for Internet Fame

This week alone, the 'Fire Challenge' has left one boy severely injured and another dead.

Flaming Shot Lights Lithuania Man's Face on Fire

The drink that literally melts your face off.

Amish Couple Leaves Prison Addicted to Soda, Phones and Pool

A year in the slammer show two Mennonites what they'd been missing!

Parents Lock Kid in Car Trunk to Overcome Fear of Dark

A couple locks their son in a car trunk, but out of love, of course.

Satanic Temple Demands Exemption From Anti-Abortion Laws

Inspired by Hobby Lobby, Satanists demand that the Supreme Court recognizes their beliefs

Dozens Of Fans Arrested And Hospitalized At Keith Urban Show

Alcohol-related illnesses and arrests hit Keith Urban concert.

Comic-Con 2014 Plagued With Assault

Cosplayers experienced harassment and violent assault at SDCC.

Russia Says "F You America" By Cracking Down on McDonald's

Russia's trying to stick it to the U.S In a Weird Way

Christians Are Hating Hard on Adult Swim's 'Black Jesus'

Getting this heated over a 30 minute cable show is ridiculous and just seems…exhausting.

Video Of Hearses Carrying Victims Of MH17 Crash Is Chilling

A horrific attack on MH17 left nearly 300 people dead.

"Women Against Feminism" Does Not Understand Feminism

To clarify: The point of feminism is not to force women to open their own jars.


Teen Living With 232 Extra Teeth Undergoes Oral Surgery

More is definitely not better, when it comes to the amount of teeth you have.


Study: Divorce Rates Higher Among Couples With Daughters

You might be surprised to learn why!


Study Finds Dogs Really Do Feel Jealousy

"HEY! HEY! LOOK AT ME! PET ME NOW!!" — your dog, all of the time.